I am currently working full-time for Larian Studios as a Writer on Baldur’s Gate 3, focusing on Companion Characters and Romances. I was previously working at Paradox Interactive as a Content Designer on Crusader Kings III. I have six years of experience working on interactive fiction, and graduated from Oxford University with a BA in English Literature in 2020.

My favorite elements in video games are character design, and character-driven narrative, but I also enjoy planning tough-as-nails tactical battles. On Crusader Kings, I have done work in heavy technical scripting for Grand Strategy gameplay, and creating satirical medieval storylines about some incredibly petty despots.

You can call me Beau for short.


Email: baudelaire.welch@gmail.com

LinkedIn: Click Here


Design Work on Crusader Kings

Examples of feature work completed

Adam Moth: Prince of Puzzles

A polished vertical slice C# prototype made in Unity

Interactive Fiction

What if video game love interests were sentient AIs?

Artwork and UI

Early 90s-style pixel graphics

Writing Samples

What if the Galaxy was run by the Romantic Poets?

Academic work

From interactive narrative discussions to Gothic Horror and Medieval ballads

Newspapers and Journalism

From interviewing Anish Kapoor to editing weekly fashion section spreads

Personal Interests

In my free time I enjoy reviewing films, LARP, writing fanfiction, and dressing like Oscar Wilde on a daily basis.

Some of my favorite games of all time are the Mass Effect Trilogy, Dark Souls, 80 Days, Simon the Sorcerer, Dungeon Master, the Discworld point and click adventure, the Divinity Original Sin series and basically everything made in the Infinity Engine.